Main Focus

Eugen Chivu, a graduate of both the University of Bucharest’s Faculty of Law and the Franco-Romanian Legal College of European Studies, the result of an intense and old academic cooperation between the University of Paris I Panthéon – Sorbonne, the University of Bucharest and twelve other prestigious universities, has been trained amongst one of Romania’s strongest litigation teams which he joined in 2007, where he has acquired important practical experience in the field.

He has provided legal assistance and successful representation in litigation related to contractual liability and corporate disputes between shareholders/stakeholders that brought the team he coordinates important results in over 200 litigation throughout the country.

In another 150 banking and financial disputes, with values ​​up to 100 million lei each, Eugen and the team he coordinates have achieved a constant and increasing success rate, protecting the interests of the banking institutions they represent and promoting, in the situations that allow, amicable settlement of disputes.

At the same time, Eugen has been appointed as an Expert in Romanian Civil Law in a multi-jurisdictional dispute in California, USA, by the prestigious law firm McKool Smith, related to a claim of almost 2 billion dollars, his expert’s opinion appearing before the United States District Court, CD California.

Projects of importance in mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and business consulting, have benefited from the passionate involvement and assistance provided by the consulting team coordinated by Eugen Chivu, in many cases through collaboration with internationally renowned Consultants.

He has assisted numerous international companies in consolidating their presence in Romania and was involved in multiple mergers and acquisitions, transfer of assets, both tangible and intangible, due diligence exercises and general Corporate Structure maintenance work.


  • Assistance and representations of an important Client involved in the renewable energy sector by supplying a proactive response to more than 100 litigation cases.
  • Assistance and representation of a local real estate planning and development Company in obtaining damages for contractual breaches of 27 million lei.
  • Assistance and representation of a major player in the gambling industry in annulling wrongfully applied fiscal debts of more than 45 million lei and controlling the effects of the burden created on its activity.
  • Assistance and representation of a group of companies in litigation pertaining to contractual breaches by a financial institution that has yielded great results for both the involved actors.
  • Assistance and representation for the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law in real estate litigation necessary for the process of recovering properties that were rightfully owned by the Faculty of Law with aggregated values of 50 million dollars.
  • Assistance and representation of several Creditors in one of the most complex national restructuring procedure (restructuring of Hidroelectrica S.A.)
  • Assistance and representation of multiple Debtors in insolvency procedures, both restructuring and bankruptcy, depending on the specific requested by the Clients, in order to control damages incurred by their economic activity stalling.
  • Assistance and representation of two of the most important Romanian Banking Institutions in disputes related to recovery of debts, enforcement procedures and securities.
  • Assistance during the investigation of Romanian Competition Council in the waste management sector.


  • 2009 – Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest (June 2009 – Bachelor of Laws).
  • 2008 – Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University’s French-Romanian Law College for European Studies.


  • Romanian
  • English
  • French


Current Project Focus

Commercial Disputes


Real Estate Recovery




Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution


Enforcement Procedure